Tailor Search

Tailor Search – we coordinate your shopping trip


When we do not have what you are looking for in our selection we will coordinate a shopping trip for you using our contact network.

Over 35 years we have developed an extensive network of contacts over the world that include, breeders, farmers and private producers who you will be able to access through this service. Our expertise is at your service, we will meet with (or arrange a call if it is more convenient) to asses your needs, this initial discussion will help us understand what you want to achieve and what your ideal “partner” would be.

This consultation period helps us determine where our search should start and allows us to give you an indication of expected price range and availability.

We will carefully select a group of horses for you to view and should any one of these horses be of your interest, trial, vetting and transportation will be addressed. This can be done either as an accompanied viewing or a prearranged independent visit to our select network.