Security Staff

Xena Bolton

Head of Security

Born on an unknown date 9 years ago, Xena joined the security staff of Astrid Bolton Sport Horses aged 1. Although the first 12 months of her life are a mystery to the team. Xena’s guarding and herding instincts have made been an incredible asset to the farm.

Trained and mentored by the late Head of Security Jade Bolton, the experience Xena gained during more than 8 years of paroling along side her mentor secured her position as Head of Security.

Her duties range from night patrol to team coordination, including planning and supervising the the day to day training of the rest of the staff. During the day Xena can be found soaking in the sun or basking in mountains of straw, which clearly serve as preparation for her important night duties. Her special herding talents are always at hand when needed, she can be found supporting the staff with the difficult task of keeping some young horses moving forward. Xena’s presence is always a gentle but constant driver for them.


Magic Bolton

Security Support - in training

Born 2nd February 2013 . Magic joined the security staff in April 2013 and has proven to be a very talented addition to both security and pest control team.

Her training has been tailored by the Heard of Security to suit the needs of the farm. Magic’s innate guarding abilities are being enhanced by the watchful eye of her Master and influenced by Xena Bolton. Her varied training schedule includes routine scanning of the premises at set intervals, rough play flighting, straw bale climbing and sporadic broom attacks all these exercises are fine-tuning her abilities to one day fulfil her aspiration to become Head of Security.

Magic’s unique ratting talent was inadvertently discovered by Chilli Colwell, Heard of Pest Control during an alternative training session. Since then Magic has also been assisting the Head of Pest Control in her duties, she has been seen sporting her Ratting Rottie badge in more than one occasion.

Magic & Patsy

Chilli Pepper Colwell

Head of Pest Control

Born on 27th June 2005, Chilli Pepper joined the Pest Control team at a very young age. Initially mentored by the then head of Security Jade Bolton. She quickly earned her position by making use of her innate ability to trace, track and destroy vermin!

Chilli takes her role extremely seriously and has been known to carry out secret training sessions at night, escaping from her dwellings to indulge in her hunting passion.

Her lonesome career has taken Chilli to enlist the help of young Magic Bolton. Turning a guard dog into a ratting one has proven a challenging task, however she has succeeded in instilling her hunting spirit and love night training sessions on her young recruit, at times making the Head of Security despair.

The responsibilities of the Head of Pest Control are not limited to pest, she is also responsible for the mental coaching of the farm’s talented rider Hayley Colwell. Chilli’s takes her coaching career very seriously and insists on spending as much time as possible at Hayley’s side, she firmly believes that her experience in pest controls are akin to a sport, she is determined in making Hayley a lean, mean hunting machine and believes micromanaging her every stride will ensure her success.