Hayley Colwell

Hayley Colwell


Hayley’s competition career started at a very young age, helping as her own mother’s jockey to break, produce and show youngsters for sale. She then naturally progressing from  showing  and  working  hunter  ponies  into  Show Jumping, her teens saw her traveling all over the country to  include  participating  at  Hickstead  and  selling  her mounts to the Whittakers.

Hayley’s  competitive  career  has  taken  a  couple  of significant breaks, she was forced to reassess her career due to the Foot and Mouth crisis, this 3 year break from the sport during which she joined the Greater Manchester Police  Force, served  only  to  reinforce  her  vocation  and ensured her return to horses. Upon returning Hayley joined a Show Jumping yard, but the opportunity to join Astrid’s yard as a rider came 12 months later. The chance of riding and endless supply of quality horses put competing on a second plane, breaking and producing sports horses had to take priority. During Hayley’s first few years, Dressage became Astrid’s focus of attention and as a result Hayley had to adapt her riding style to suit this discipline. Under Astrid’s guidance this process begun as a means of producing horses for a growing clientele.

Hayley’s return to competition life has been a challenging road, a failed project sold as a talented 4 year old returned to the yard labeled un ridable. Zidanne needed special care and that is  what he was given.  Methodical  training and attention to detail have been essential; he has forced both Astrid and Hayley to think outside the box and to combine their strengths to take him from  “un-ridable”  to National Champion. Without  a  doubt  Zidanne  has  contributed  to  improving both  Hayley’s  riding  and  Astrid’s  coaching  abilities.  He living  proof  that  athletic  potential  can  only  be  reached with  hard  work  and  determination. His  career  is  still  in development and his training continues to challenge and strengthen Hayley and Astrid’s team work.

Winning 5 National Championships in the short span of 3 years since first sitting a dressage, have made Hayley an easily recognised figure in the Dressage field. Despite a limited  amount  of  dedication  to  competitive  riding,  she has an amazing track record …