Astrid Bolton

Astrid Bolton


With over 35 year’s experience in equestrianism, Astrid’s has  been  exceptionally  determined  at  turning  her childhood passion into her livelihood. Recognized by her peers for her amazing ability to spot athletic potential and quality  of  movement  in  very  young  horses,  she  has become one of the main producers of Warmblood sports horses in the UK in the last 15 years.

Astrid’s  experience  is  vast,  ranging  from  auction purchases to producing her own sports horses for HOYS and the Royal International. Encouraging  mentors  guided  the  early  stages  of  her career as a rider and inspired her ambition to produce her own  horses.  Today  her  network  of  contacts  expands globally. Astrid’s drive to find the next talent is primarily focused in Holland,  Germany  and  Belgium  where  her  network  of agents has been supplying her needs for over 25 years.

However when it comes to finding talented sports horses no stone is left unturned. Horses sourced and produced by Astrid have fulfilled their athletic  potential  under  the  guidance  of  the  Whittaker family in Showjumping, Ollie Towsend in Eventing, Danielle Heath and Katy Jerram in Showing. Her eye for exceptional movement  for  Dressage  has  taken  some  of  her  young finds  to  succeed  at  international  level  with  acclaimed riders like Peter Storr, Amy Stovold and Jane Green.

Amazingly one of  those special  talents can still  be found at Astrid’s  yard,  he  returned  to  her  as  a  failed  project  to become a 5 times Dressage National Champion. Zidane’s needs  changed  the  focus  of  Astrid’s  attention  into coaching and  catapulted  Hayley  from  jumping  into Dressage. His athletic potential is still in development but he  has  proven  that  raw  talent  can  only  be  developed under the right guidance.

As a result of this experience matching talented horses with exceptional potential to the ability of their future rider has become a priority for Astrid. Finding and producing horses is only a step of the process,selling them to the most suitable rider who will help them perform at the top of their ability is without a doubt the most  challenging phase of  the process.   Success is  the result of a lot of hard work and determination.