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We have over 35 years experience in selecting and producing sports horses for all disciplines. Our combined experience allows to identify each horses best talent and training them to achieve their maximum potential in the most suitable discipline thus not limiting their scope. We have sourced and trained horse for dressage, showjumping, showing, eventing, driving and even vaulting.

Our expertise is at your service, our clients range from private hobby riders to international competitors. We are small enough to care and big enough to fuel Olympic dreams. Our aim is to find the best horse for your needs.

We regularly visit breeders in Europe to select the top 3% of the horses we view. We only buy youngstock from proven and reliable bloodlines always selecting the most trainable and brave. We want to sell you a young horse who will respond positively to an experienced and caring training programme and will reward you with many successes in your chosen discipline.

What Others Are Saying

Over the last year I have acquired a number horses through Astrid Bolton, which ever the purpose I wanted them for they have been superbly adaptable and fun to work with. Not only has Astrid been a great advisor but with Hayley they have been great in making this year specially enjoyable going to shows to watch my horses perform under their guidance.

Mrs. Jane Bell

I was looking for a talented youngster to help Charlotte my daughter progress through into Affiliated Dressage. Not only did Astrid find a talented youngster but she found one that is the perfect partner for Charlotte, Levi is clever, well mannered and loves to work! Made a wonderful Christmas Present and in 6 months has already been to Regionals and has qualified for the Nationals.

Ms. Alison Drearden

After the first Astrid Bolton horse we bought  we decided to completely rely on her experience and expertise to find all our horses!  Over the years she has managed to find the perfect partners for both of us. We are so lucky to have Furst Kiss with us, he is the perfect gentleman and his children seem to take after Dad!

Pam Aid – Florida USA , CEO Null inc.

Getting back in the saddle was a challenge that one of Astrid’s horses helped me overcome. Super Ted has been wonderful and as a result I have come back for more. I am so happy to have bought Gino from her, he is a wonderful youngster with so much potential that I cannot wait to ride him competitively.

Lady Cecilia Phillips